Slaughterhouse and cutting plant

How to optimize the yield of the animals ?

How to secure the traceability of meat ?

How to improve the quality of products while meeting the requirements and standards for food safety and traceability ?

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Management of slaughter

How to optimize your yield  ?
  • Multi-species slaughter: cattle / calves / sheep / goats / pigs / equines …
  •  Controlled entry of passports :
    • For Cattles :
      • BSE Test Labels
      • Transfer of slaughter data to normabev
    • For sheep-goats :
      • Reading RFID loops
      • Transfer of sheep-goat movement data to normabev according to the simoc protocol.
  • Fiscal weighing :
    • MixSuite Gear dialogs with most of the weighing instruments on the market.
  • Inventory monitoring per species, feller …
  • Slaughter statistics by species, slaughterer, contributor ……
  • Editing invoices with automatic calculation of benefits and taxes.
  • Follow-up of weighing logbook and slaughter logbook

Cutting plant

How to ensure ascending and descending traceability  ?

  • Reception of the carcass
    • Reading of barcode
    • Weighing and Control
    • Edition of delivery receipt and invoice
  • Cutting and boning: :
    • Carcass cut sheets
    • Creation of original specifications by batch
  • Optimize inventory turnover based on the remaining life (FEFO & FIFO).
  • Management of stock-out, storage locations and temperatures
  • Controls on the homogeneity of the specified lots
  • Management of reconstituted (cattle)

Order preparation

How to meet the requirements of your customers’ specifications and optimize your productivity ?

  • SLD and SBD management
  • Invidual (or carton) weighing and labeling
  • Packaging management (rolls / cartons / bins …)
  • Assignment of the workshop number, the batch number and the date of manufacture, definition of the manufactured product
  • Editing barcode labeling labels

Health Security

  • Analysis of carcass, cut meats and finished products.
  • Follow-up of storing/set the meat
  • Follow-up of the HACCP method :
    • Surface analysis in the production area (premises, work plan, equipment …).
    • Control and monitoring of temperatures
    • Process control.