MixSuite, Agile Support for Feed & Food Productions.

MixSuite, it isn’t just a software…

MixSuite, it's your support of management with your KPI and dashboard to pilot all of your activities. MixSuite secures the traceabilty next tothe production line.

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Created in 2012, MixSystems is a company of analysis anddevelopment of information systems for feed production.

It's the association of a know-job and a managerial and technical vision which allowed to develop a specific ERP for Feed & Food production : MixSuite

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Our engagements


MixSuite extends with your business. Don’t keep an outdated software, we adapt as your company workflows changes and we supplu the tool for you to innovate in your processes.

Easy of use

MixSuite is simple and easy to use. From the ground up, we setup our software from your workflows and your way of working to ease the everyday use.


MixSuite guarantees the quality management by integrating quality standards like HACCP, GMP, GBP and ISO 9001 within the software.You will keep control during your audits.


MixSuite provides a streamlined back office, who can quickly answer your questions, with a unique interlocutor that understands and knows your business field.

No more wasting time.


MixSuite benefits from our expertise in the integration of the legal data applicable to your activity. MixSuite strictly matches th feed and food production requirements.


MixSuite follows you everywhere. MixSuite is available on desktop, tablets and phones, included an offline mode that allows you to use MixSuite everywhere you go and save your data !

Our benefits


MixSuite becomes integrated with any other information system. Of a simple line to your whole production, MixSuite is in compliance with your need.

Customer Support :

From the conception to the validation, MixSuite, it’s an interlocutor in your listening which, on-site or remote, realizes, tests and confirms the configuration of your features with you.

Once the solution in production, you keep the same interlocutor for all the possible evolutions which you wish for MixSuite as well as for the technical support.

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