How to improve the performance of your farms ?

Can you track your performance, production and quality indicator ?

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Breeders and livestock management

How to optimize visits of technician ?
  • Follow-up of the allocations of the farms to the breeder and the technicians.
  • Data is historised and traced.
  • Management of the technical characteristics of the farms (number of heads, number of buildings, storage capacity).
  • Definition and monitoring of available storage, silo capacity and mode of delivery.

Livestock Health

  • Follow-up of simplified health records (iron sampling, water analysis, vaccination schedule).
  • Treatment plan and health alerts.
  • Controlled reproduction in farms : schedule of birth, gestation, calving and births.
  • Follow-up of feeding plans.
  • Recording mortality.
  • Custom data recording
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Consumption management

How to minimize the stock-outs?

  • Follow-up of daily consumptions of lots in FIFO in available stocks.
  • Multi-lot and multi-site consumption management.
  • Inventory monitoring per commodities.
  • Out of stock alerts.
  • Detailed storage allocation per batch.
  • Monitoring of differences between planned and actual consumptions.
  • Semi-automation of orders


Ascending and descending traceability 

  • Risk management for health policy.
  • Follow-up of the animal from birth to slaughter: delivery of the live, control of weight, penetration, management of the performance by lot.
  • Integrated animal passport.
  • Livestock and breeders identification.
  • Recording of standard operating procedures (transport, shipping, sorting and purchasing)
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Livestock trading

How to easily establish your purchases and sales ?


  • Monitoring of collections and gatherings of animals in allotment and sorting centers.
  • Purchase management in livestock and markets.
  • Estimation of the best purchase price.
  • Sales management in the different markets according to the category of animals.
  • Batch Tracking.
  • Chartering management of live cattle.